Author: Anil CS Rao

Vizag Blue - A Graphic Novella

My Review:

This is supposed to be psychological thriller. I felt that the book needs a lot more refining in terms of story line, characterization as well as the graphics. This book felt like the initial draft, and not a published book.

While the idea behind the story was quite good, it failed in execution. The story revolves around Kalpana, who has stopped speaking to anyone. Her doctor evaluates her and sends her to her beach house along with a nurse, Usha. Usha tries to bring her out of her shell by telling her about her life, but no avail. Then one morning Usha finds Kalpana on the beach, naked. How did she reach there? Even Kalpana has no answer.

The premise is so interesting, but it really was not handles properly. The ending felt abrupt and quite simplistic. The ‘thrill’ that should come from reading a thriller never comes.

The cover design could have been better, also on the cover it is mentioned that this is a novella. It is not.It is a short story. A very short story.

I feel that this book needs to be refined in every way possible.