Author: Roopleen

Principles of success made easy-14 easy steps to climb the ladder of success

Book Blurb:

Principles of Success Made Easy – 14 easy steps to climb the ladder of success is the culmination of my onerous efforts of writing something simple yet relevant. It is a pragmatic account of the fundamental principles of achieving success by self-help and is the distilled essence of my years of research and understanding of the dynamics of success. This practical manual serves as a step-by-step guide to climb the ladder of success. It gives both an in-depth view and a time-tested approach to succeed and chronicles 14 golden principles of achieving success. The principles are wide-ranging and apply to success in any sphere of life. My own life has been transformed by the principles enshrined in this book. Therefore, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be successful in life and seeks happiness. Principles of Success Made Easy – 14 easy steps to climb the ladder of success would prove to be not only a guidebook for success but also a reservoir and storehouse of strength and motivation.

My Review:

As the title suggests, this book deals with the topic of success. The book is divided into 14 steps and the author explains each chapter in detail giving real life examples of people you may have heard about. This helps the reader identify with the writing, as well as create an interesting diversion for the readers that helps retain the interest.

This language is very simple, even those who are not well versed in the language would be able to follow it easily. The flow of the principles is also very well thought out and flows a very logical sequence.

The issue with this book is that it lacks depth. If you have read books on success before, you don’t really learn anything new. Also, the titles are self explanatory so one pretty much gets an idea on what the author is going to write.

If you are just getting into self help, this book might help you.

On the whole, I rate this book a 2 out of 4.

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