Nature Omnibus

Author: Ruskin Bond

My Review:

The cover of the book is different.

This is an old edition of the Ruskin Bond Nature’s edition which is not in print anymore. But, it is a delight to read nonetheless.

The book has different sections:

  • An Island of Trees
  • A Bond with the Mountains
  • Tigers Forever

While you can buy these books separately, getting them together would be a bit tough.

Coming to the story line, this is quintessential Ruskin Bond. You read the stories and you long for a childhood amidst the jungle. You long for the experiences that you would never have, and you find yourself wishing that was as simple as the books.

My favorite story was that of an extremely mischievous monkey and her shenanigans.  The way the whole thing was described, had me in splits.

If life ever gets you down, go for Ruskin Bond. I rate this book a perfect 4 out of 4. If it is ever in stock again, I will be sure to leave a link to buy it.