Author: Adele Parks

Love Lies

Book Blub:

Fern is staring thirty in the face and can’t ignore the love lies any longer. Life with Adam was amazing once – although these days swinging from the chandeliers means D.I.Y. not S.E.X. She believes a romantic wedding should be the next step but Adam just won’t go down on one knee.

Then a chance meeting with Scottie Taylor – the UK’s sexiest pop star – lights fireworks in Fern that won’t stop exploding. It’s mind-expanding love at first sight for them both so when he proposes in front of a sell-out crowd at Wembley Stadium, there’s only one answer. Yes, yes, yes!

Before you know it, Fern is living the celebrity dream in LA and a wedding planner is arranging designer shoe fittings. But isn’t it all happening a little too fast? Why is this modern-day Cinderella homesick for a rented two-bedroom flat in Clapham?

How do you know whether love is telling the truth? Fern must choose which version of this fairy tale is hers …

My Review:

I picked this book because it was available for free on Amazon Kindle. Suffice to say, I now know why it was available for free.

The book is a cliche of every romantic story ever written, and offers nothing new. If you have read any ten romance books, you would have read this story before. There is no element of surprise, everything that you know will happen, happens, which makes the overall plot boring. Also, personally, I feel men who are too rich and sexy, and can “do everything by just calling someone” do not offer much in terms of character. Adding to that, you have the protagonist who pities herself for the life that she chose for herself and lamenting being in a relation that she chose to be in, adds to the dullness of the storyline. I found myself mentally resisting to the protagonist..I mean, if an adult is not satisfied with a relation, they can just end the relation. Why wait till one finds a richer, and more successful man, and when one is sure of the other relation, then break the previous one…and NO NO NO…that is not because the protagonist is a horrible human…no that is because the boyfriend was so bad that since he was not made of money, he wanted to concentrate on his career and not be 24×7 attached to his needy girlfriend. She then goes on to marry the rich successful guy almost immidiately after meeting him because he shows interest in her, only to realise that money and fame does not mean the person is good *gasp*.

Even the narration is quite run of the mill.

The only redeeming quality of this book was that I lernt how a florist’s business works, albeit very very briefly.

I rate this book 1 out of 4. You can totally give this one a miss without missing much in your life.

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