Author: Harsha Babu
Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers
My Faith to Live in Your Name but Not As Yours by [Babu, Harsha ]
Book Blurb:
First love. People says that its never got, or never forgotten. Still ! its not impossible to conquer. One fine day, you wake up and realize that he is no more in your life, as yours. Do you still have the guts to live in his name for the rest of your life? I bring to you, the story of Payal and Karan, who met each other within the college boundaries. Payal falls for Karan. She decides to speak up her feelings and know his verdict, if he had similar feelings for her or not. But, the entry of a third person changed the rest of their life. Will Payal be able to express her feelings to him or destiny have something else for them with the entry of a third person?
My Review:
My Faith to Live in your name but not as yours is a debut work of the author. The story focuses on the lives of its two protagonists, Payal and Karan. Payal gets attracted to Karan, who is her senior, because of his idealism and the two form a great bond. But life throws a curve ball at them and they find themselves grappling to understand how external factors could affect their lives so much. The story line is quite unique and manages to keep the readers engaged at all the stages. The twists and the turns are quite unexpected and we find ourselves wanting to know more.
Initially, I did not understand the title, but after reading through the book, I felt it did justice to the work. The main storyline makes you question the role of destiny in your life and what you can do in order to change your destiny.
The pace of the story is quite good. The main characters are sketched out quite well. My personal favourite was Anjali, the way she has been sketched made her parts really fun to read. Although I felt they become a bit predictable after we get to know them and their motives. I also felt that there was excessive use of Hindi language, and the sudden change in the language made the reading quite jarring. It would have been better had the entire work been written in any one of the languages, i.e. either Hindi or English.
My rating is as follows:
Cover: 2 out of 4
Story originality: 4 out of 4
Characterization: 2 out of 4
Pace: 3 out of 4
Overall: 2 out of 4