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1) Tell us something about yourself.
I am Harsha Babu T from Kerala. Presently, I am pursuing my final year of schooling from one of the Kendriya Vidyalayas.
2) In your words, how would you describe your book?
My book is all about pure love. Often we get mislead by what actual love is, and everyone has a different definition of love. This story is my definition of love and true friendship.
3) Your book weaves complex emotions, is the book inspired by real life?
No. It’s pure fiction.
4) Your characters grow over the years, what were the efforts that you took in terms of character development?
I didn’t find it difficult to make the characters grow old or set their life in their young age. Character development was an easy task for me as the characters just grow older but their personality or attitude does not change.
5) On the surface your story can be termed a “love story”, but in a way it is more about emotions, so did you research on things or did it all come naturally to you?
It all came naturally to be. I didn’t have to do any research. My heart was pulling my hands to pen down the words and all I had to do was to go with the flow.
6) How is writing a story based on emotions different that writing any other genre?
When you write a story on emotions, it’s important that the readers can get the words and the feelings that are stated in the book and it goes straight to their hearts. It’s all about deep expression.It’ss really tough.
7) Any advice for writers who wish to tell unique stories but are afraid it might not be accepted?
I think if you have a plot in your mind, just don’t think twice. Pen it down. Publishing is the next step. But first, pen it down in the best manner. Then make the choice whether to publish or not. If it worth publishing then don’t hesitate. Just listen to your heart and go for it.
8) Are you a reader? If yes, who are your favorite authors?
Yes. I am a reader. My favorite authors are Paulo Choelo, Ravinder Singh, Chetan bhagat, Durjoy Dutta, etc.
9) How can the readers get in touch with you?
You can find me on my Facebook page, gmail (harshalakes1@gmail.com) and as well as on instagram.
My Faith to Live in Your Name but Not As Yours by [Babu, Harsha ]