A few days ago I lost my dog. Scooby was my everything, he was my life, he was me and the pain is physical. My heart is actually hurting, literally. Each breath comes as a surprise..I am surprised that I am still breathing, still functioning.

No one around me understood my connection with him when he was with me. I had fought with literally everyone around me in order to give him the best possible life. So, now I did not really expect anyone to really “get” me. I know for many he was “just a dog”, and would never understand me now. But what was shocking to me was the blatant sexism that was literally hurled on my face just hours and days after his going.

It had not even been 48 hours, and people asked me “Are you normal now?”, “Oh good your inlaws are coming, you will be busy cooking for them.”, “Don’t take too much trouble in cooking, just something simple would do.” and the worst “Good in a way, now you will have time to care for your family life”

The funny thing is…the husband who had met, known and loved scooby for less than 10 months got much more sympathy!  I am in no way undermining their bond…which was so pure and beautiful…I just thought that you know…people would at the very least not be so insensitive towards me. Even silence would have been better than…into the kitchen darlin..aint no body got shit to spare…chop chop!

Humans, I tell you….one thing is crystal clear…as long as a girl is in the kitchen or cleaning things…she is ok…she cannot even have a moment of genuine sympathy to mourn the loss of her very existence. A married girl truly has no real family.