Author: Niharika Shrivastava

Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers

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Book Blurb:

Nevika’s life is a path for all who let themselves down when they confront battles. Rather, continuing the journey is the right archery to hit the even against all odds and someone, who shows the same courage is named a victor someday. So, all the readers, go ahead and let it be continued… Niharika Srivastava, an eighteen year old girl, student of Delhi University decided to write something which is experienced by most of the people at this age. Her vision for life is clearly depicted in her story. Being a budding writer, she expects positive response and inspirations to write more….

My Review:

“To Be Continued…” is a coming of an age story of Nevika. The author starts the story when Nevika is born until she finishes her education. This helps the readers get a context of what she is as a person and why she behaves the way she does. As the author had a range of ages to work with, she does a wonderful job touching many issues that many people face in their life. Along with this, the author also provides solutions as to how these problems can be faced in the best way possible, or if we do not deal with it properly what could be the repercussions. Some of the issues that the author successfully touched upon were dealing with emotions, infatuations, bullying, rude teachers, lack of self-esteem, etc. The inclusions of all these made the book an interesting read.

Along with the story, another major plus of the story was its very earthy characters. While the characters were not overly complex, they had a certain charm to them. The characters were extremely relatable. 

On the flip-side, the pace of the book was extremely fast and the sentence constructions were such that the reading experience became quite jarring. In many places, the author has made use of words that make no sense in that particular context. For eg: a teacher was described as “insole and baneful’ when it should have been “insolent and baneful”. There were many grammatical errors as well.

I feel the book needs to be polished a bit more in terms of language and construction.

Overall, I rate this book:
Cover:3 out of 4
Story: 3 out of 4
Grammar and Language: 1 out 4
Overall:  2 out of 4