Should I.... Fall In Love

Book Blurb:

A story of Fear….. of not finding forever after and questioning your heart. Naina has always been a strong headed, lively and carefree person. She always felt that there was a reason for everything. She believed in love, commitment and sacrifice, but when her three year old relationship crumble down in front of her she lost all the hope in love and marriage forever. With time and help of her friend, Naina starts afresh in a new city with a new job and people around. For the first time in her life she was not looking for love but a deep urge to stand on her own feet made its way in her life. Little did Naina know her life was going to change? Nothing could prepare her for the storm of love in the shape of Nihal, the confident, persistent and handsome guy she met at her boss housewarming party. Read on to know, will Nihal be able to penetrate the cold walls covered around Naina’s heart or her insecurities are more than enough to lead them on different paths in life. A story where thinking that questioning your heart with “Should I”, can stop you from “Falling In Love”.

My Review:

The story started off on a good premise with a very relatable character, Naina, who is feeling left out while partying with her group of married friends but then it goes downhill.

There are far too many grammatical errors. The narration is weak and the writing changes from past to present and back again alternatively between statements so much that it becomes really jarring for the reader. The pace of the book is not clearly defined, for example right at the starting of the book it is a Saturday evening party, then Neha falls on the couch exhausted and suddenly in the next line it is Sunday morning!

Except for Neha, the other characters and the plot points were too cliched and the love story is just like any other love story that you have read already. The girl meets boys- attraction-trouble-happy ending plot has been overused and does not really contain any freshness.

I rate this book a 1 out of 4.