Author: Anuj Vats

Publisher: Paankhi Parkashan

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Book Blurb:

She wants to know on what basis life is measured; it is on the basis of sacrifices you made to make people happy around you or on the basis of a fight to get the things that made you happy. And question is what is the limit to this sacrifice or to that fight ?

He wants to relinquish this world. He wants to die. He has reached the place where dreams ends and desires die. Where questions become unworthy of answer. Where life become death and death become new life. They shared life. They shared fate. They become each other’s moksha. They fall in love in love to complete each other. They fall in love to play their part in this eternal game.

My Review:

You know when they say do not judge a book by its cover? Well..this is the book they were talking about, at least to an extent.

When the book first came in my hand, I looked at the cover and my expectations for the book reduced. The fonts and the placement should that it was a bit of an amateurish effort. Additionally, the title of the book is not that enticing.

Coming to the story, on its surface, is a love story as well as a journey of a girl and her internal struggles. One of the major plus points of this book is that the story has philosophical undertones. I really liked how the author dealt with complex metaphorical thoughts were portrayed in this story using very simple language.

On the flipside, editing could have been better. Along with this, the narration also needs a bit of work. Some of the lines were a bit too direct, which tends to make the reader’s interest waiver. For example, the line “Physically she was holding her father’s hand but Psychologically her father was holding her hand,” could have been written in a way that the reader would be able to get the meaning themselves.

Overall, a good effort, but it needs polishing.