Author: Kamini Kusum

Publisher: Zorba Books

Secrets, Sins & Struggles

Book Blurb:

A collection of five tales,Secrets,Sins & Struggles is about the lives and loves of five women, tracing their long, eventful journeys that are anything but linear.

Meet Pooja, a teenager forced into the flesh trade but determined to escape and get justice. Shrawani who dreams of becoming a bureaucrat despite all the trials life throws her way. Avni who is torn between her childhood friend and her brand-new boyfriend. Harsha who is trapped in a loveless arranged marriage while still being haunted by thoughts of her forsaken lover. Geshna who falls head over heels for a high school sweetheart only to find her own life shrinking to accommodate his.

These stories are about the odds stacked against women in their path to love and success.They are also about hope that the next turn will lead to the happiness and success they all long for.

My Review:

Well, Well, Well…looks like there are many female empowering stories that are coming my way and I could not have been happier!

The secret, Sins, and Struggles is kind of an anthology which portrays stories and struggles of five women from different strata, with different aspirations.The world that the author creates for each of these stories is commendable. Since there are short stories, the author drags you into her world almost immediately. All the characters, especially the five protagonists are extremely relatable.

While each of the women is different, her struggles are different, but you find yourself rooting for them. The story has a very earthy feel to it.

While all the five stories were excellent, I personally loved the first one. Pooja was such a fresh and different character. The way she stands up for herself and the way she deals with her “fate” took it to a whole new level.

If you like stories about humans emotions and struggles, this is one book for you.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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