V. K. Mohanty has written the book “Re-union”, here in this candid chat we get to know the person behind the book.

– Tell us something about yourself and your book.
I am a middle class family man who is a railway employee. It is a tough job trying to work on my writing skills along with a full time job.
“Re-union” is a story from my heart. I have tried to write a story that the feels real to the reader.

– You chose to write your book in Hindi. Is there a particular reason for choosing this language?

I chose to write my book in hindi because, frankly, I am a Hindi medium student and secondly, I feel that I can express much better in Hindi, especially the sentiments, as compared to English or any other language.
– What was your thought process behind writing ‘Reunion’?
The idea behind writing RE-UNION is that I am also an engineering student and during  our student days we spend a good amount of time interacting with people of different regions and religions. Secondly, my idea was to write such a story which minimizes the generation gap and the importance of keeping our culture alive even when we live a modern life.
– Your story is coming of age, where seven friends gain adulthood. What was your inspiration in writing this story?
My inspiration is Shri Chetan Bhagat and my sweet 14 years old daughter, who is also a big fan of Shri Chetan Bhagat. She wanted a story which reflected his writing skill and I tried my best. I received the big complement from her when she finished reading my book was: “Papa although I am a big fan of Chetan Bhagat, your story was so real it touches my soul and I am not biased to say that your story is far better than all his books, except writing skill and presentation.”
– Unlike other stories, one can say that your book has seven ‘main’ characters, how did you create these distinct characters, are they somehow based on people you know?
I characterized my seven main characters keeping in mind the seven colors of a rainbow.  I have also tried to cover seven directions and seven religions of India. All the characters are from my imagination and are not based on anyone in real life.

– Any words of advice for other authors who are thinking of writing, especially in vernacular language?

I am not in  a position to advice anybody as I am still learning, but I believe that whatever you write should be from bottom of your heart and when a reader reads your work, s/he should feel like they are reading a real story and the situations that you put in the story must be realistic.

– Are you a reader? Which are your favorite books?

Yes I am a reader but I always prefer to read stories which make me feel, otherwise I will stop reading. I don’t care who is the author, maybe it is written by a famous writer but important thing for me is that I must feel that the story is realistic, that is my criteria. Till date my favorite book is 2 States by Chetan Bhagat.

– What do you wish for your book?

I wish that when the readers read my book, they should feel good and their eyes should be filled with tears and more importantly, when s/he  closes the book after finishing it, they should be left with the “WOW” factor.