Author: Deepshikha

Book Blurb:

This book ‘A pinch of life – Sweet N Sour’ is a constellation of the varied chapters of life the experiences generated through it and the memories created through it. The subjects of poetry are obvious yet inevitable; the writing style simple yet impeccable and the thoughts mature yet youthful. The purpose of this book is mainly nudging us away from the daily stresses and strains of life through my poetry and driving us through my colourful journey of life.

My Review:

In her book “Sweet and Sour” Deepshikha has written an anthology poems on varied subjects. If feels like she has written about the things that she has seen, felt, observed, or imagined.

Initially, her poems were more what she has experienced, the topics like Writer’s block, teacher’s day, father’s day, etc are touched upon. Then gradually, the poet moves on to a more abstract topics. Which gave a very interesting twist to the book. This gives you a taste that the author can write quite skillfully on various topics.

In one of her poems, “Dilemma”, the lines,

The soul whispers,

The heart murmurs,

And then you know,

Which way you have to go.

struck a cord with me. The thing about these poetry is that that it does not have any ground breaking revelations, it has simple day to day thoughts…that you may have taken for granted and the poems remind you of them.

Simple, sweet and a wonderful collection of poems can be found in this book.

Ratings: 4.5/5

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