• Let us start with a brief introduction of yourself and your book.


My name is R K Mohapatra.I am an Indian author, known for my work on financial planning and retirement planning for individuals. I am working as Joint General Manager of Finance in IRCON INTERNATIONAL LTD (A Govt. of Indian Undertaking),  having a  25-year rich experience in the field of finance in India and abroad.

My contribution towards social and religious fields is also commendable in addition to my work related to finance and accounts.

I am rewarded, “IRCON Managing Director award” in the year 1998 for my meritorious work. I launched my new book  “Retirement Planning-A simple guide for Individuals” in the month of June by presenting a copy of the book to Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of state  culture & Tourism and civil aviation. This book is under the category of  non-friction business self-help, which is available through popular online website of Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues and Blue rose publishers.



I recently won the 32nd Dr. S. Radha Krishnan Memorial National Media Network Awards-2016, as ‘the Eminent Author’ for my meticulous bestselling book, “Retirement Planning-A simple guide for individuals” at constitutional club in New Delhi.

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I like to write about the  day-to-day problem of personal finance planning faced by the people of India. Infact, I started writing about financial planning three years ago. The truth about financial planning is nobody knows it because it is not taught in schools, colleges and also professional courses. It is unfortunate for every individual in India, because they are poor about financial literacy. We really don’t know more about financial planning. It has a great importance in our life. Most of us start the work without any planning and consequence is negative, and unsuccessful. Why, this happened? Because, we do not understand the situations that are the need of the hour. There is no clear cut answer of this issue, because we think that devoting time in personal financial planning may not help us in our life. We will hire the advisor from time to time and do our financial plan whenever required. In fact, the result is opposite, we are unable to reach our goal in time.

About the book:

My first book, Investment Risk & growth, describes the topic of financial planning for an individual along with future growth for financial product in India, which also reflects an investor’s perspective on handling his or her hard-earned money carefully through proper investment planning.

My second book is Retirement Planning-A simple guide for Individuals. The book explains with concise and concrete examples, which can helps an individual to understand about the pre-retirement stage (accumulation period), preservation stage and post-retirement stage (distribution period).
The book, “Retirement Planning- A Simple Guide For Individuals” is meant to enlighten readers especially the middle class on how to invest, instruments in which to invest, and where to get started.
This book enables you take meaningful decision for your future retirement, whether you are at thirty or fifty. This book guides you to develop an attitude and aptitude for investment of your retirement and other financial goals. This book also enables you to grab the best opportunities in this volatile market rather than just investing in the conventional instruments. It also assists you on focusing goals one by one by utilizing the best possible alternative investment avenues in the market.
How small investment in public provident fund, NPS, and diversify equity mutual fund through systematic investment plan (SIP) you can achieve your desired goal of retirement, very clearly explained in the chapter no-2.

This book consists of 9 chapters along with illustrative examples which reflect in readers mind to map out a road map to handling their hard-earned money carefully through proper investment/ retirement planning.
The book describes the market trend, risk-return of investment product, individual behavior as well as market behavior in different situations, impact of inflation, macro factors and socio-economic factors which affects the return of investments.

In the book, I have elaborately describes mutual fund chapter, which elucidates how investment through SIP ensures disciplined investment regardless of the volatility of the market, and further how it helps an investor average his/her cost through market cycles for creating a big retirement corpus during the pre-retirement stage sans taking too much of risk and get the desired post-retirement expenses during the distribution state. How value of mutual fund in retirement planning and its expense ratio and  concentration ratio impact the return on investment very clealy explained in the chapter-No-4.

In this book, you will learn how to utilize your hard-earned money in your distress period in every stage of your life. You will understand the hidden, untapped power that you have and can also manage your hard-earned money in a better way without the help of a financial planner.


  • How important is retirement planning according to you?


The growing financial pressure on retirement system worldwide is forcing individuals to change the way he or she thinks about  planning for retirement.

The importance of money on an individual life, whether in  service or  after superannuation, is necessary because there is no definite retirement policy/ Pension plan till date in INDIA.

Pension plan provides financial security and stability during the old age when people don’t have  a regular source of income. It is need of the time for an individual to plan at an early stage to invest in various investment products in order to create an adequate size of retirement corpus.

Long before retirement, an individual needs to carefully map out his or her plans for ensuring a secure retirement. It is a process to think today about your future life and also for your beloved ones too. It is a multidimensional process; one can consider so many factors while making a comprehensive retirement plan. Retirement plan is an arrangement to provide you an income or pension during the cessation of service when you are no longer earning a steady income from business or from employment.


  • In your book, Retirement Planning, you have emphasized on the need to start investing early to generate enough corpus for your retirement. What would be an ideal age to start investing for retirement?


Well, the answer is very simple! Start today, because tomorrow you may lose the right opportunity of the market and may not have created a desired corpus for future life.

The earlier you start investing; you can take more benefit of compounding factor of interest earning. It’s what happens when your interest keeps earning interest, year after year and your corpus is increased at a faster rate. In my opinion one can start investing in retirement  product such as NPS, PPF and diversified equity mutal fund at the early age ideally in between 30 to 35.

In my view,

“Retirement is not an age; it’s a monetary amount you have thought about for the rest of your life.”

An individual may start with mutual funds to generate an optimum retirement corpus. A diversified portfolio is to be  maintained through out the accumulation stage in order to minimize the risk of the investment.


  • People often plan for gaining new assets, retirement is hardly on their minds, especially in early thirties. How should that person plan so that both the short term and long term financial needs are met?


Planning and budgeting chapter in the book solve the investor’s  issues with respect to short-term and long-term goals. The investment products for short-term and long-term enables the readers  to map out how much money is required to achieve one’s desired goals in a specific time horizon.

There is no definite way to educate to readers about investment product available in the market. Each of us has different paths while investing for achievement of desired goal in our life. It is vary from person to person, place to place and market to market.

Each of us will draw different approaches and gateways to begin our personal financial planning consciously and unconsciously. We also sometimes share our views with experience adviser and get a better experience of ourselves. Even though we may not know all the possibility of risk and rewards in investment still we belief certain philosophies and principles of our economy and try to best utilized our hard-earned money in this market.

For  example, if you are looking for  a short-term investment then you can invest your money in post offices , government bonds, mutual funds, FMP and fixed deposit (FD)and if you are concentrating on long-term investment then public provident funds (PPF ), National Pension Scheme (NPS) , SIP in equity mutual funds,five year recurring deposits, Post office monthly income scheme(PMIS),  10/ 15 years Infrastructure bonds, ELSS and long-term bank deposits (FDs, RDs)  are the best options for you.


  • Generally we see that the people with non financial background hire someone to handle their investments. Is this the right thing to do?


Is money the root of all causes? If it is so, then it needs proper financial planning at a very early stage? People who may be by profession a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, teacher, professor, Accountant or a  business man, all are required to be involved in financial planning. Financial planning has become an integral part of human life today. The need of a financial planner is of utmost importance for the common man.To accumulate money through investing in short-run as well as long-run, one must have knowledge and certain process. Knowledge is power and attitude is a thought which drives an individual towards fulfillment of his/her objectives in the life.

The role of a financial advisor in an individual’s life is very important in the changing world , unstable economy and volatile capital market. Risk of an investment is not so easy to understand because all risks do not impact equally.

In my opinion, before taking the advice of an advisor, you must read this book and acquire certain basic knowledge such as investment products,its risk & returns, taxation etc.

Knowledge is the ability to understand a subject and a situation which is made possible by utilizing the internal power of an individual for taking action and making the right decisions in life.

“Don’t always believe the advice of financial adviser / intermediary consultant because they might have misguided you to sale the product. You chose your product according to your needs.”


  • If someone was thinking to start retirement planning, but does not know where to start, what should be their initial steps?


We live in a tough and uncertain world, where we have to face challenges each and every day in our life. You do not know how to invest, instruments in which to invest, and where to get started.

It is the main goal of this book to help retirees as well as perspective investors who eagerly start investment for their future betterment by using their own strategies, principles and methodologies.

First, you make a list of your current wants & desired goals and assess these in terms of money. To achieve these goals you can invest your monthly saving in to different investment products according to time horizon. Lack of knowledge and awareness about the investment vehicles, insurance and taxation laws sometimes confuse an individual to set her or his goal.

My two books, having ample of examples , how to achieve your desired goals through SIP, in shares and Mutual funds, gold, e-gold, gold bonds, NPS, PPF and other debt instruments. This handy book will definitely help the readers like a friend, consultant and advisor.

“Success comes with proper planning and disciplined investment approach,

investment in right amount, at the right time and in the right product.”


  • Are you working on your next project?


It is a great question. It is natural for a writer to think and write, which is not possible each day on my part. Despite a hectic work schedule I have effectively managed time to pursue my passion for writing articles in newspapers and magazines, blogs, and books on relevant financial matters pertaining to the problems and queries of the common man, it gives me strength in mind and it eases the stress of mind sometime, I think which is beneficial to all. My next topic may be advice to government to set of a policy towards common man for secured life.


  • How can readers discover more about you and your work?


I am available through online 24*7  for readers those who need my service. They can contact me on my web site www.rabindramohapatra.com and social media https://www.facebook.com/rk.mohapatra.as.in. They can also find me on https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7092649.R_K_Mohapatra .

We thank the author, R. K. Mohapatra, for such an enlightening interview.