Author: Murli Menon

Zenlp: The Power to Succeed

Book Blurb:

In this revolutionary volume, author Murli Menon develops his theory of ZeNLP – a unique perspective on how success at work and in life can be achieved by self-realization and introspection. ZeNLP combines the principles of neuro-linguistic programming and Zen meditation and is based on the premise that the entire universe is built of an energy he terms cosmic consciousness’ of which each of us is a part.

My Review:

The main premise of this novel is quite interesting. The author combines two widely accepted theories, the Zen Theory and the NLP theory and then creates a theory based on both.

I was intrigued by this theory as by combining the power of diet, mind and sound one could achieve all that one wants in one’s life be it in professional or professional world.

The author introduces the book with personal example of how this theory helped him personally with this injuries.

The book takes help of Zen principles in order to explain various concepts of the theory. These small anecdotes were quite fun to read as well as made one reflect not only on what the author related them with, but how these could enhance overall understanding as well.

This book deals with a more professional aspect of the theory and the target readers are the managers or employees of the firms and how they can best achieve their dreams.

On the flip side I felt that had the author focused more on the details and techniques of the theory it would have been better as at times it felt like the book was promoting the workshops.

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