Author: Avishek Gupta

Book Blurb:

The book is a collection of heart warming short stories that are sure to touch a cord across all generations of readers. Some of the stories will make you fall in love, while some will thrill you with excitement. Some of the stories take you to the darkest hours of the city and surroundings around you, while some remind you of the little joys of life.
Get introduced to Megs and Ron, a cute couple as they experience their first love, get introduced to the likes of Arjun, Jai and Meghana, fearless journalists who expose a heinous crime and get introduced to VINASHAK, the most ambitious cyber project of the Indian government.
That Stupid Bug Called Love and other stories is an attempt to take you on a whirlwind journey which will make you smile, shed a tear, get enthralled and excited. A must read!

My Review:

This book is a very fast read, just fifty pages long so you would be able to read it in a sitting.

The book contains nine different stories with different premises and each revolve around people’s emotions. The language used is quite simple and the author manages to convey all that he wants to convey easily. While the construction of the plot was good, the stories failed to evoke any feelings in the reader. Which is an important part of reading stories, especially in this genre.

Another thing that hindered the reading was the text formatting was all haywire. In the middle of stories certain parts had different font sizes for no apparent reason. Which made reading it a bit difficult.

Of all the stories I liked ‘The Burning Torch of Truth’ the most, especially because of the element of mystery in it.

The author should focus on developing a connect wit the readers as well as ensure perfect formatting in his next works.