Author: Niraj Satnalika


Book Blurb:

One man named Rohan Nanda decides to try his luck in Sales when he chooses to study at IMT Ghaziabad. His life determined right there and the journey begins.

That’s the skeleton.

The story is a fun narration mixed with movie style twists and turns that show the reader that all is not sunny in the arena of sales.

Such a tedious journey is usually written as a horror story. However, this story takes a different route making the situations very hilarious and highlights the small but significant perks of a job as a salesman.

My Review:

The book deals with the struggles of the protagonist, Rohan, who is trying to make it big in the big bad world of sales. I liked the way the initial days of his internship is portrayed. The initial sales calls and the lessons learned were quite realistic and fun to read.

The start of the book could have been better. It was the same old college going, average marks getting protagonist whom we have all read about countless times before. Add that to the inclusion of the ‘romance’ angle with a ‘cute, sweet, good figured’ girl, Anu, and you have the perfect “I have read this too many times already” part of the plot.

The book and the narration gets better as you read further. Even the romance interest in second part, Kirti, was a bit more enjoyable to read than the first part.   The protagonist’s narration felt a bit more sarcastic and there was a hint of dry humor .

The writing style was a little too simplistic. While the pace of the book was quite fast, at times there were such mundane details of the protagonist life that could have been avoided. Also, in some parts of the book, sms language and hindi words were used in narration which could have been avoided.

All in all, this would have been a way better book if the author had focused more on the main story line that is the difficulties of living the life of a sales guy.