Author: Rashmi Trivedi

Woman, everything will be fine!

Book Blurb:

A true story of a working woman who like any other working woman is an expert juggler, juggling between different roles with élan. One fine day, the safe haven she had built for herself was threatened. She was transferred to another city. This is the story of her coming to terms with the change, accepting the challenge, going to the new city alone and doing her best in her job, at the same time managing her family with a remote control and frequent visits. In all this process, she has learnt many of life’s lessons. She has grown and evolved. She has realized that there is a world outside her own family. She has found herself. This book will give the readers an insight into her psyche, her struggles, her trauma and her guilt. It will make you smile at her small victories and will break your heart when she is down. The book would also make you want to hug her and tell her, “Woman, everything will be fine”

My Review:

“Woman, Everything will be fine” is one of a kind book. It revolves around the life of a working woman and the challenges that she faces. We often see that that the issues that are faced by a woman who chooses to work post marriage, are quite different from issues faced by any other group.

The book beautifully brings out challenges from the guilt of leaving kids to making a decision between family and work. Since the whole concept is present in a way of a story, it was the best thing the author could have done, as instead of overly focusing on one problem, we also get an idea as to how the protagonist manages the issue.

Basically, this book revolves around a woman who gets transferred to another city and then has to make a decision of moving and living alone. Of the entire story, I liked the last few chapters the best. The chapter wherein the author describes the effect of the decision that she makes and how it changes herself as well as her family just took my heart away. The writing style was such that sometimes you find yourself laughing out loud.

The only minor issue that I found in the book was it used a few generalized statements like women like shopping, or women readers would understand what I am talking about…which could have been avoided.

All in all, a book that is unique and more importantly a story that should have been told a long time ago.

Overall Rating:

Cover : 4/5
Title : 5/5
Blurb : 5/5

Creativity in Story line: 5/5
Character Complexity: 5/5
Overall : 4.5/5