Do the WRITE thing

Poet: Ashwini Dodani

Publisher: Inkhorn Publishing India Private Limited

Savoir-Faire: Do the WRITE thing


Savoir-Faire is a collection of 40 poems on Life, Love, Abstract, Nature, Songs etc. It’s a package of emotions and experiences we go through on a day to day basis.

My Review:

Reading anthology of poems is always a delight as poems, especially if written in a certain way tend to make one feel things. As soon as this book fell in my hands, I wanted to know what the title meant. A simple google search told me that it meant ‘ a French noun phrase that means being adaptable and adroit’ . Such an appropriate name of a  book that dealt with poetry on a diverse range of topics.

Each poem deals with a topic or an emotion that is very different than the rest. This is not a book that you would want to read in a hurry. This is a kind of book that you would want to sit with a cup of coffee on a free day and reflect upon what has been written.

The poems that made me go “Dude..that’s exactly how I feel, you just put those emotions into words!” were: Let’s Skydive..I thought it was such a poignant poem, we do tend to overly guard ourselves and truly, utterly giving in to so much like Skydiving! Another one that was truly outstanding was ‘ Conversation’..or ‘An Ode To Poetry’.

The range of thoughts is so diverse that you are bound to find yourself in some of these pages.

So, if you enjoy poetry, and want to read some really thought provoking words, do pick this one up!