Author: Raj Supe

Book Blurb:

Indraneel is a young and successful film-maker, an alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In an intoxicating relationship with a young and beautiful aspiring actress, his next film is being hailed as a blockbuster. Things couldn’t be going any better. Suddenly, without warning, Indraneel’s life overturns. Hurt floods his heart and soul, seemingly beyond redemption…
He arrives in Rishikesh, a mountain town by the river. The artist within him, as well as the bruised individual, senses the timeless love and solace emanating from the Ganga and the Himalayas, but innumerable whys continue to invade his thoughts. Introduced to Shaman, a bookseller with a difference and a ‘closet guru’, the deeply sceptical Indraneel is introduced to a bewilderingly new, yet strangely magnetic world of spiritual seeking.
As the seasons pass, as pass they will… Indraneel gradually opens his mind to what he finds around him, delving step by step into the truth about spirituality and human existence. A measure of peace finally descends on his tormented mind.
But the world beckons yet again and Indraneel stands at a crossroads once more. He is asked to make a difficult choice. Will he submit to the strong current of spirituality now flowing within him? Does a spiritual life mean giving up everything else? Can he ever go back to the world? Will he find the happiness he so desperately seeks?

My Review:

When this book came in my hand, I was pleasantly surprised by the cover. The browns and the whites gave a promise of a good book ahead. Then I read the sub title “The Journey of a Bollywood Tramp” and I thought it would be something on a line of a Bollywood actor who gets in shit.

Just a few pages in and I discovered how WRONG I was. This book is about a Bollywood director who has a breakup and then goes to Rishikesh. Since I have been to the place a few times, for me the book had so much more appeal as I found myself reminiscing about my days there.

The writing style is excellent. This is truly one of the best books that I have read. The story line is so different, and the narration so scintillating, together it becomes one un-put-downable books.

Readers Beware: The author has Enid Blyton style of writing about food, so when you are reading it, you will be also fantasizing about the mouth watering aloo tikkis or any food that the character is having…sigh…

The writing and the story is such that you feel a sense of calm after reading it. The best thing this book is that it touches the subject of spirituality in the most beautiful and thought provoking way.

A truly brilliant book…definitely a must read!

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