Author: Margaret Mitchell 

Gone with the Wind

Book Blurb:

A historical romance set in northern Georgia during the drama of the Civil War and Reconstruction years, Gone with the Wind traces the life of Scarlett O’Hara and her relationships with Rhett Butler, and Ashley and Melanie Wilkes. The Novel addresses such themes as survival, romantic love, and how societies structure gender and class.

My Review:

There are romantic novels, and then there is this classic. While it is humongous, you find yourself turning pages wondering what happens next.This is an eight hundred and thirty three page book, so I would recommend it only for those who enjoy reading classics.

I read this book years ago, so this review will be based on the thoughts and the feelings I still have for it. It is one of those rare books that stays with you. The ending of the book, my oh my, the ending is the one that takes this book on a whole other level.

The best part of the book (apart from the ending) was the writing. It takes a truly gifted author to have a selfish, spoiled, arrogant, silly and stupid protagonist who actually grows up to be a woman of substance truly because of the situations she finds herself in which makes her see sense. When I started reading, Scarlett REALLY got on my nerves….REALLY..but by the end, I enjoyed reading her parts and somehow could not stop myself from feeling sorry for her. That’s character development for you!

The book is divided in two parts, one before the civil war and one after. We see the actual impact of the war and how it changed people. The writing is so real, you can actually feel the pain of the people.

While there is a movie on it, I would recommend you read the book as the movie just does not do it justice.

If you are thinking to read this book, DO IT! Pick it up! Even I plan to give it a read one more time, will update this review with my new thoughts on it once I am done!