We have all heard this saying:

Do Not Judge A Book By It’s Cover

In a way it is true, you never know what is inside the book, the writer and the graphic designer are two different people. Additionally, and obviously, you cannot showcase the essence of the whole book in one image.


The number of authors are increasing by day. With self publishing, many many people now have become authors. Even the best of the stories are now hardly get the hype it deserves. With many marketing professionals, and the bloggers, only the books that reach them get somewhat recognition.

So, how do you break the clutter? How do you make that reader be attracted to your book? Why would they pick up your book over others?

Let us first go into your customer’s mind. They are in a book shop, or are browsing books online. They would either have a list of books that they need to buy, or would be looking for books that might attract them. Now your job is to make them pick your book and read the blurb.

But there are literally thousands of books in any store. What would make them want to pick your book up?


I have bought many books just because the cover attracted me. Some I bought even without reading the blurb, as the covers were not just covers, but pieces of art! Check out my YouTube video on 5 books that I bought simply because of their cover.

Here is an inforgraph that was created by photoconcierge, that shows the research findings:

Image result for importance of  a book cover

Why is this so? Have the readers become shallow?


This is so because a great cover, means quality. It means that the author and/or the publisher is so invested in the book and they have such confidence in the book that they have ensured the best outcome. It is rare to find a book with an outstanding cover and shoddy story line. BUT, a poor cover, with cliches or text that can hardly be read, shows that the producers did not care to provide the readers with a good material.

So, once you have invested in making your book the best and you are ensured that it is amazing in terms of story line, characterization, grammar and spellings, the next stage is to make it a real beauty!