Author: Aparajitha Nagesh

Perfect Prescription for Broken Hearts

Book Blurb:

What is the perfect prescription for broken heart? It is a full close of love-cetmol? Suturing the cut ends? A cardiac transplantation? Or a life time of love with hugs and smiles thrice a day? Hrudi, a heartbroken and calumniated gynecologist, decides that the perfect prescription to her unending endurance is to put a full stop to her life once and for all. Inebriated by a rush of nostalgia, she chooses to relieve the past once again, before finally finding her eternal in peace. This journey back in time takes her to her college days, where she falls into step with Aditi since day one and was always at loggerheads with the hunk, Hrishikesh Datta. But everything changed when the cupid struck his arrow on both the parties and life became even more beautiful, until the inevitable happened, crumpling down her world like a pack of cards. When she was still coping with the heartache, another blow hit her like a wrecking ball and she was razed to the ground once big confrontation that he feared for years. Will she live through this? Will her broken heart ever be mended?

My Review:

This is a different book in terms of story line, but it needed a bit more restraint in terms of narration. There were parts of the book where author went so deep in the narration that a reader forgets the main story. A medical person who reads the story might be able to relate to it better, but as someone from a commerce background, who just likes reading medical fiction, the narrations became quite overbearing.

The characterizations were spot on. They were so realistic that you could really relate to the people mentioned in the story. The best part is that not just the main characters, but even the side characters were interesting and fun to read. Especially the ‘table fan’. The thing was I literally thought the characters were talking about a real table fan when he was first referenced. And then when we find out why he was given this name, it all made sense.

I liked the ending of the story. I think the author did a great job handling it, especially the twist at the very end. Just when you are coming to terms with the ending…BAM…it’s not really ending that way! A great touch!

Overall, if you are in the medical field, you are bound to enjoy this book way more than those who are not from the field. For those who are, if you can stick through those lengthy narrations, the ending would be worth it.