(Tales of Khaga, #1)

Author: Sindhura Chamala

The Devil and the Deadly Peace (Tales of Khaga, #1)

Book Blurb:


The two great nations of Khaga are on the verge of a bloody war. The survival of Jalika, a neutral kingdom in trade with both, is in jeopardy.

After calling the Devil to his kingdom, the king of Jalika has passed away in the dead of the night. His death, a mere week before the Peace Events when officials from the two nations were to come together to sign a treaty that will exempt Jalika from the war, has set many wheels in motion.

As Jalika prepares for the Peace Events under the new leadership of the prince and his wife, all forces converge under the Devil’s watchful eyes. Will the seventh day rise on Jalika bearing peace or death?

My Review:


This is a purely fiction book based on the kingdom of Khaga. Two nations are fighting with each other since ages. One great king is successful in bringing peace to the nation by signing a peace treaty. But week before the signing, the king dies of ‘food poisoning’. The council decides to continue with the peace treaty signing, but then it becomes quite clear that there is someone who wants the treaty to not be signed, no matter the cost.

Since this is to be a series, this book sets the tone to the other books that are going to follow. So in this book you get quite a lot of details on how the kingdom looks like, how it works, etc.

The writing is quite simple and this is quite a small book, so it would take maximum two or three days to read it.

From what the author has written, I look forward to reading her next book, which hopefully will take this series to the next level.