Those of you who want to see the spoiler free video review of this book, can check out the video review here. This is a detailed review which contains spoilers, LOTS OF THEM.

Due to heavy rains, the book reached me later than usual. Those two days were quite tough as everywhere I looked, there it was,staring right at my face. The dreadful reminder that the book was still not in my hands. The struggle was real, VERY REAL. Honestly, I struggled more in those initial two days than all these years. But, all that is behind us now, and we can all safely pretend that I was not acting like this each time I checked out the status of book shipment, every five minutes:

So the first things first, as you open the book, you find yourself drowning in nostalgia as the book quite literally starts from the place the last book ended. It is like all those years of waiting never happened. You find yourself again in those familiar lands of your childhood, and everything is okay again!

From the first part of the play we see that Albus is quite the opposite of Harry. While both were grappling with parent issues, Harry dealing with the loss of his parents and Albus trying his best to live up to the name of his father, we see Albus and Rose are off to Hogwarts. I could clearly see traces of Hermione in Rose who was stressing the importance of sitting in the right place with the right people, as that was how their parents met. So, when Albus and Scorpious Malfoy decide to hang out (much to classic Hermione like disapproval of Rose) and bond over common disapproval of their respective fathers, we get a glimpse of how it would all turn out in the later pages.

Now, we come to know that there is a theory that Scorpious is Voldemort’s child. Which Scorpious says is quite untrue, but come on…a Malfoy and a Potter being friends is something that would raise all eyebrows. They boys dads try their best to dissuade them to not be friends, but that makes their bond even stronger. It was great to read how these two stuck with each other despite everything. Here’s why,

Growing up with Harry Potter, we were always taught that discrimination is wrong. The people who discriminate against others are wrong. But then, these wonderful leanings were forgotten, and we saw people proudly wearing their house symbols on facebook groups or other places and basing the other houses. People who had read the books started looking down on people who had just seen the movies, people who proclaimed that Gryffindors were the best people ever..etc etc. There were memes like these which got many many MANY shares:

There were so many people who discriminated against each other, and I feel, sorting Harry Potter’s son in Slytherin house was the best thing that ever happened. Because now the people who discriminated others based on the houses or who proclaimed to be better because some website (or even worse…themselves) thought they belonged to a ‘better’ house. By this single stroke of genius, all these people will have to take a moment and reflect and maybe, hopefully, understand that Harry Potter was never about looking at others differently, just because they were different than you. It was always about accepting people for who they are.

Now this is already gone on to be too big, so I will stop here, there will be a Part 2 to this soon.


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