Author: William Burcher

The GAIAD Novel

Book Blurb:

In a society increasingly buried under the weight of its own insularity, an ancient and shadowy group selfishly guards a secret with the power to change everything. Tonight, on a stage in front of thousands, one of their members commits a horrible, shocking act. In the audience is Detective Fleur Romano. Bitter and world-weary, she vows to uncover the reasons behind the horror she just witnessed. In the process, she’ll discover that she’s led her lonely life ignorant a fundamental truth, a truth first discovered by a man who walked the earth millennia ago, a man mysteriously familiar.

My Review:

This book was amazing on two levels. Firstly, the storyline was amazing. How the author managed to weave a story from two different timelines was just perfect.

Secondly, the way the author has managed to characterize females in his book is exceptional. Let me illustrate this fact with quotes from the book:

Garr-Eth and Aye-Lin were expected to provide counsel to one another,to lead the people as equals.

This part of the book focused on the society wherein there is perfect equality between men and women. Although the work is divided between both the sexes, if someone wishes to work in the line of the opposite sex, the society is completely accepting of the fact.

The most promising part of the story was when Garr-Eth visits other colonies, which has started “changing, which seems quite strange to him. The author has done a phenomenal job writing about the confusion and the shock that comes when he witnesses how few colonies have shifted their perspective from an equal society to a patriarchal one.

One of the subtle, yet powerful ways that the change is shown is how in an equal society when leaders talk about their followers, the word they use is “people”, but in a patriarchal thinking, this is now changed to “men”.

In the second part of the story, we find ourselves in present time. When everything is seemingly normal, an ancient cult is guarding a secret. This is a secret that, if exposed, could change the way of the world. Detective Fleur Romano stumbles upon this cult in a bizarre event where a famous singer lies dead in her arms.

Based on the Gaia hypothesis, the author amalgamates the past, present and the future to connect and reveal the story line.

This is one excellent read, anyone who loves mystic, fiction works, as well as for the feminist book clubs, I feel this book would be widely appreciated.

I am so looking forward to reading the part 2 of this series.