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The other memories intruded and a diferent Robin peeled away from a safe and ordered past: and there in front of him stood a woman who would not have been out of place in the SIB.


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This is the beauty of reading any JK Rowling’s work. She gives such complexities to all her characters.


Usually, if a character has a safe and happy environment around them, they tend to be very quaint, but even though Robin has an ideal upbringing, all safe and cozy, she loves to rough it.

This shows that the characters in this book are much more than just characters, they are humans..which makes reading this book even more engrossing.

Next month, the very next month, she would become Robin Cunliffe-at least, she supposed she would. Mathew certainly expected her to take his name.

Why should a girl change her entire identity just because she gets married is beyond me.

Back at school, during our Advertising and Marketing sessions, we were taught that your name is your brand. You spend all these years creating a brand for yourself only to completly change it!

Some people even go so far as to change their first as well as last names! Some of my female acquaintances have had to do so…I have lost count of the times I see a strange female’s name popping up on my facebook feed, and when I go to check who is this person, turns out they are someone I know, just name change.

People defend this change of name in various ways. “It shows you care for your husband.” Well..if changing your identity shows your love, 99% of men do not love their wives as I sure do not see them changing their names… “It brings unity and commitment to your marriage.”., again, if it does how come the man is not supposed to do anything to bring “unity” and commitment?

Wha irks me the most is how people just assume that a woman would change her name. Even when I give my name, some people insist on calling me Mrs. Husband…LIKE HELLO…it is feels that the other person is not respecting identity.

‘Why doesn’t he just ask her?’

‘He has. She says she is not seeing anyone, but women are devious, cheating scum Robin, you know that.’

Stereotypes on women are galore. Women by nature are considered to be flimsy, confused, soft creatures, who should never be relied upon in any situations. Even Chanakya who otherwise was an excellent mind said: “Courtesy should be learned from princes, the art of conversation from Pandit, lying should be learned from gamblers and deceitful ways should be learned from women.”

Fortunately now, these stereotypes are diminishing.

Robin truly is an inspirational character. We need such characters!