Author: Rakhi Jayashankar

Waves in the Sky (Canaries #1)

Book Blurb:

Time maneuvered their lives through unforeseen circumstances. The canaries- Charu, Ananya, Neha, Avantika,Raihana and Yami- the heart and soul of Naivedya, run by Ms.Malini. They played together, studied together, stayed together, under the shades of their mother banyan, till they fell apart. Little did they know that they would be centrifuged by the Waves in the Sky. Hanging on to their mother banyan, they held their wings together and fought the storm.
A mind boggling tale of six headstrong girls, thirty years of their life, their mother banyan-Ms.Malini and a mystery.
A thrilling mysterious contemporary fiction.

My Review:

How many times have we seen books and movies that glorify the male friendships…so much so that now we even have a name for it..the Bro Code..But rarely we have a book that is a true ode to the female friendships. Which was why when Rakhi asked me to go through and edit the book, i agreed wholeheartedly.

Waves in the sky is based on the lives of 6 girls and it is kind of an ode to their friendship. Like all friendships, theirs too is tested in different ways, and it was interesting to read how these girls fought through.

What is different about this book, is that each and every female character is quite different and yet, each has their own individual strengths.

Also, even though this book is predominantly female charactered, the romance element is not there! It has become quite an irritating stereotype these want to cater to girls, you doll out irritatingly same-as-other mushy gushy romance..I wonder how many such copies are sold?

Well, anyways..back to the review..of all the favorite character was that of the canaries’ teacher Ms. Malini. I liked her as even though her story was at the background, her strength of the spirit shone through. The things that she does in the book truly makes one respect her character.

This is a very fast paced book, so those who likes stories in Indian setting with the aforementioned pace should go through it.