For this I would go for Hunger Games movie.

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While the movie trailer was something like this:

My major problem about this movie was that it completely ignored the social, political and the psychological aspects that are shown quite wonderfully in the book. Instead they made it into a love triangle with a little bit of a story sprinkled around it.

– They did not even bother to introduce the concept of Avox, which means that the mockingjay movie had to waste moments making people understand what they mean by the term Avox.

– They did not bring out the “hunger” part of the games. All the characters looked preety hale and hearty throughout the game.

– The mocking jay pin and Madge’s character is ignored. Katniss finds the pin in a sale, which means the entire story line of the significance of the pin as well as the relation of Madge to the central characters goes down the drain.

– Peeta’s family is almost non existent in the movie

– Compared to book, the movie is very tame.